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How to Have Sex with Brazilian Women

Chase Amante

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brazilian womenBrazilian women are some of the most beautiful, fit, passionate and insanely sexy women you could ever encounter.

Every man has a secret fantasy about a sleeping with a Brazileira. Their tan skin, their exotic accents, their perfect beach bodies… how could you not fantasize? But today, I’m going to show you how to turn that fantasy into reality.

Brazilian girls aren’t easy, but they are chill, and love sex. So if you’re willing to put in a bit of work, you’ll get a whole bucket load of reward.

Since I spend a lot of my time visiting the world’s most beautiful locations, this post will be my first installment of periodic articles on seducing the women of this wonderful world; outlining what they are actually like, and giving you an inside look on what to expect.

Now, onto Brazilian women…

Colt WilliamsAbout the Author: Colt Williams

Raised in the American Midwest, Colt Williams made a name for himself in dating with a style based on soulful poetic seductions and playful dance floor antics. His style is all about inspiring girls and drawing them into one’s world. You can book phone coaching with him here, or get a copy of his guide to getting laid on Tinder, the product of months of study and experimentation by him on the medium.



340Breeze's picture

In your opinion, why do western women respond so strongly to Push-pull, Negging, Subtle innuendo, Aloofness? If these techniques generate intrigue, present you as a challenge and differentiate you from the nice guys, and cause women in America to "feel" then why do the same techniques fail on international women (including Brazilieras)? You point to social awkwardness but in what sense?

What cultural differences or female expectations can you point to that lead to this conclusion?

And in your opinion after having been thru the rabbit hole of a Braziliera, do you feel the same way toward American women, especially if they don't quite treat you the same (passion, sexy, initiative in the romance, etc)?



Colt Williams's picture


Chase and I were actually discussing this very topic recently. Essentially what we decided is the sense of social isolation that's encouraged in the US. Think about it, millions of children grow up in environments where they only may know one or two of their neighbors, and they really only interact with their parents -- who are greatly invested in their well-being -- until they start school.

And then they start school, and hit the playground, and go to parties, and suddenly their expected to interact with all of these new people that often have conflicting motivations and their own issues.

Whereas in Brazil, family (including extended family and close friends) is the top priority. Children are brought up in a very large community environment, and learn social intelligence from a very early age.

Back to the US. Even when we grow up, it doesn't necessarily get better. People talk about how college is the best time of life. Why? *Because you're surrounded by all of your friends*. There is a strong sense of community.

But when we enter the "real world" we move into apts, houses, and condos where we are once again isolated except for a handful of friends, our job, intramural sports and sometimes religious gatherings. So people don't get that close community feel that we all desperately crave.

Back to Brazil. *That never happens*. Everyone is part of a large and vibrant social community, which is why everyone is outgoing and places a lot of value on relationships.

So American girls come from a place of isolation and really loneliness. Brazileiras come from a place of community and fulfillment. That's the social awkwardness I speak of.

In terms of aloofness, etc. As I mentioned in the aticle, Brazilian girls are taught to be open about the sexuality and accept their roles as women. American girls are taught that they have to be "good girls" and that sex is only reserved for the perfect man in a monogamous relationship, in a bedroom, under the cover of darkness.

So American girls walk around *afraid of being judged*, particularly by other girls. They constantly think "I have to be seen a good girl. I have a be relationship/marriage material." But their bodies are telling them something very, very different. Women love sex just as much as men, so they want to have sex with the hot guy they see at Starbucks. But they feel like they shouldn't want to want that, at least if he hasn't "proven himself."

So when you do interact with women in America, you have to appeal to their deeper desires (sex), while still making sure that they won't get judged by society (innuendo/aloofness).

Read the Madonna whore article for more depth, if you haven't.

Whereas in Brazil, you can just cut to the biological chase!

Honestly, I think travel in general definitely has affected the way I look at American girls. You'll see more of what I mean in my future posts, but in general, girls in other countries are feminine in the right ways, and really know how to take care of you. And they don't make you feel guilty or like you're competing with them when you're a man.

Don't get me wrong, there are some amazing girls in America, but finding those diamonds in the rough is a *struggle* and sometimes just doesn't feel worth it for me with the amount of time I have to put in. And it really depends on what part of the country you live in. Whereas in other countries, your same efforts will yield you much higher rewards.

But to each his own, and American girls will still always hold a special place in my mind. Hope that answered all of your questions.

All the best,


340Breeze's picture

Thanks Colt!

Very interesting indeed the role that cultural early life (isolation vs communal) and feminist ideals (competition or lack thereof) have on relationship dynamics. Entitlement also plays a role.

I myself had to reboot my mentality when I moved here to America... I come from a place where people place a little more value on community than those in my city seemingly do... so I had expectations of friendliness and openness, but I was met with an ocean of aloofness. People here seem to place high value on ability and many tend to have a "prove what you can do for me first" mentality, prior to them caring a whole lot about your existence.

I agree that it depends heavily on where in the country you live because in my opinion I've experienced varying levels of warmth or aloofness depending on where in the country I've explored. To me Washington, DC is a little bit different than say Cali or Atlanta or New Orleans or parts of Florida. It's almost like some people in DC apply capitalism to their relationships. They view them as transactional in nature by asking what is in this for me...vs what can I give this person I like to make their life better as a result of having met me. People seem to place high value on ability and connections so that they can elevate their position/social status. Which would in part explain why some women seem to ignore all but the elite/powerful men. But what happens is (after speaking to some of the more elite women) is that they end up confused, distrustful of other people, frustrated and isolated in a sea of millions of people in their home city. They have "friends" who hardly even know anything about them, or make indirect snide comments to belittle sad, but true.

I appreciate all the insights you all provide. You guys are special.



Wesley's picture

1. Fast Five reference...just...YES.

2. Did you learn portuguese before you went? You mentioned having "conversations". Were they in english or in Portuguese?

Visiting Brazil has always been a dream of mine ever since I discovered porn as a kid. They were practically the first women to get my adolescent body "excited". ;)

Colt Williams's picture


I have a very basic understanding of Portuguese, which is actually something I was worried about before I went. But, a lot of Brazilian girls speak a good amount of English. Not perfect by any means, you can communicate with them and have pretty clear conversations, and if have your fundamentals on lock, you will be just fine.

But, if you learn portuguese, you will be on another level, because you will be able to charm any girl. *However*, if you do learn portuguese, girls will also be less forgiving because they'll assume you've been there long enough to understand how to seduce them.

And if they got you excited on screen, imagine one on top of you ;). I'll leave you with image, and trust that you'll turn that dream into a reality someday soon.

Carpe diem,


Hugh G. Wrection's picture

Ola Colt,

I liked your post on Brasil. I've traveled there many times and have spent months in Rio. I thought you made a pretty good comparison/contrast guide on the two cultures of America and Brasil and their women compared to most guides I've read.

I have to question though the statement that "a lot of Brazilian girls speak english" I've heard this before and it always puzzles me when people say this. I guess "a lot" should be quantified because in my experiences 90% of Brazilians speak little to zero english. Certainly not enough to carry on a conversation with. Even in the most english friendly cities like Rio and SP, most of the girls really only know portuguese. Some educated middle and upper class girls will speak english (especially in SP) but I've seen countless Western men strike out in Brasil because the language barrier is too great to overcome. I speak near fluent portuguese myself and chalk it up as one of the best endeavors I've made in my entire life. I cannot recommend learning the language enough. The difference between speaking only english and being able to game in porto is greater than the difference between daytime and night in Sao Paulo.


Mr. Rob's picture

Seriously cool post, definitely keep this series coming. I feel so inspired to cancel my ticket to the Dominican Republic and hit brazil up instead. Ahh if only I had enough money to do that. Anyway cool article looking forward to hearing about the rest of your travels.


Colt Williams's picture

Thanks Rob!

I'm excited to share more of my adventures. And I'm sure you'll have a fantastic time in DR. There are amazing experiences to be had everywhere in the world. You just have to seize them!


Alek Rolstad's picture

I know many men around the glob loves brazilian women, but I believe many men also loves scandinavian women.

So guys if there is any interest in a guide for seducing scandinavian women, let me know and i will provive. You can answer to this comment and let me know what you opinion is.

Colt william,

Thank you for this one, there are a few points that caught my interest here. I will probably bring the knowledge from here with me if I ever travel to brazil (which I will probably do).

Question: in your opinion, do this knowledge also apply for other places in south america? to which extent does it if it does.



Franco Lombardi's picture

I second this motion. I would love to hear your insights on Scandinavian women, Alek. Feel free to share if you have the time. It would be greatly appreciated!

- Franco

Alek Rolstad's picture

It is not a question about time. I agreed with chase to share about 1 article per week. So the articles will pop up either way - the question is more about what i should write about and how I should dispose my time to. If I see some interest in a guide concerning scandinavian women, then I will write about it.


Velour's picture

Would definitely like to hear about Scandinavian girls!

Colt Williams's picture


Cheers for comment! I don't have a crazy amount of experience with girls in other South American countries, but from my limited experience and talking to guys who have extensive experience, I would actually say that many of these rules actually *don't* apply to other South American women.

South American women are very sensual and energetic people, but for example, Ecuadorian women aren't terribly keen on westerners, or Colombian women tend to like much older men who can give them stability.

The one thing that is consistent is that you should always be dominant and direct (and being able to dance always helps your case in a big way), but you can't necessarily be as overtly sexual and physical as you are with Brazilian girls. Though, interestingly enough, if you do hit it off with a girl in another South American country, it's actually much easier to get a SNL than it would be in Brazil. Maybe because brazileiras are much more concerned with being considered 'easy' since they already have the sexual reputation and outward love for sex.

But I would also like to see your guide on Scandinavian women! I've bedded a couple of Swedish girl, but in general have gotten a lot of mixed reviews in terms of Scandinavian girls (with Sweden generally good and Norway generally bad), but I'd love to hear your thoughts. Looking forward to it.

All the best,


Anonymous's picture

I have to concure about Norwegian women because I met one in a club abouthe one I met was pretty much an asshole to any guy that was trying totalk to her. So thinking that these men where being offensive l ask her if she was ok she said I don t think so and something about ugly americans. My sister whom was next to me almost punched her. So if the rest of Norwegian are like this I will never go there...

Mr. Rob's picture

Alek I think you should definitely write an article on Scandinavian women. Or other European women too if you have the insight. Its not somewhere on my bucket list but who knows it might just be when your done with the article. ;)


Pablo's picture

Omfg Yes Alek please get a post on that! I really want to visit Sweden because of the stories I've heard about the girls.

Colt, thanks for this post, useful information in a small and to the point post with personal experience. Love it.

Keep up the good work!

Mike's picture

I've heard that the ladies in Iceland are just incredible - intelligent, warm, beautiful and fun-loving.

A visit there is definitely on my bucket list ;o)

Franco Lombardi's picture

I would be lying if I didn't say this article got me excited.

South American women are my absolute favorite, and the only girl I've dated for a considerable period of time (and am currently dating) is mostly Portuguese and Italian, which is primarily where Brazilian roots come from. Their bodies drive me wild as they are often proportioned in ways that you only thought "Photoshop" could do in magazines...

...that is, until you actually go to Brazil, from what I've heard.

This is something that has definitely been on the radar for me, and I will probably be printing this article out and putting it in my back pocket as a reminder if (when) I travel there.

I appreciate the insights here, Colt! Hopefully there are plenty more Brazilian women in my future. ;)



Colt Williams's picture


I can feel your excitement from here! They really are a sight to behold. But, as you know, there are a lot of physically beautiful women out there; it's the way that Brazilian girls also *carry themselves* and behave (oh so sensually) that really takes them to the next level.

I'm sure you've definitely gotten a taste of that with your Portuguese/Italian girl.

And yes, I'm sure there will be plenty in your future! And when you do make it out, I'd love to know how it goes!

Until then,


The Takedown's picture

The article is awesome and makes me want to goto Brazil now even more. Time to start brushing up on my Portuguese now I guess? ;)

Anonymous's picture

Yepp I agree with Franco.Would love to read about Scandinavian girls.Especially swedish girls ; )

Richard's picture


Artigo fenomenal!

Haha, I love this one. I'll keep this article in mind when I venture to Brazil sometime later in my life. I plan to study traditional Brazilian Jiu Jitsu in the motherland one day ;)

Colt Williams's picture

Thanks Richard!

One of my good friends left his corporate office last year to study brazilian jiu jitsu and he absolutely loves everything about his whole experience. So look forward to it!


Damian's picture

Hi, I'm a beginner from argentina. Girls here seem to be a mix between brasil sexual kind and european shy type. You can find almost anything. I seem to find girls who are instantly attracted and friends that dissapear like point 4 and also lots of girls who act aloof and don't even look, accompanied by groups of friends that cockblock.

I always tought some advice was a bit too much for woman here (all the negging/ aloofness, etc) and only worked on a rather small part of the woman I met.

I think it's a social ladder thing a bit, most low resource woman seem to be sexual kind and high resource tend to be more aloof. Can anyone more experienced confirm or deny this?

(btw I find girls here more attractive than florianapolis brasil at least)

Colt Williams's picture


First of all, in terms of pure definitions of beauty, I would have to agree, Argentine women are more beautiful than Brazilian women. Perhaps they are the most beautiful on the entire continent. But, in terms of sexuality and even bodies, Brazilians can't be beat.

But yes, you're assessment of Argentine women is correct. I think the higher resource ones take more cues from western society, whereas the lower resource ones tend to be more traditional.

You should see the comment that I wrote for 340breeze on the difference between Brazilians (and all south american women) and western girls. The way Argentine women are brought up means that it doesn't make sense to use negging/aloofness/western tactics in general to seduce them.

You should be much more direct and authoritative and even more sensual with all south american women. They will give you resistance (just like all women will), but moving things forward will always fix that. Good luck mane!



Damian's picture

Liked that social explanation you gave to 340breeze, made me unrestand more why some of this site seemed so strange to me, yet other was spot on.
I will keep being direct and sensual, Thanks ;)

Anonymous's picture

I have a trip scheduled to Brazil, and I wondered... if Brazilian girls are so sexually open, why won't they have sex with you on the first date?

Anonymous's picture

What if they are coming to you via couch surfing? Anyone have experience with a Brazilian girl from couchsurfing?

Anonymous's picture

"Everyone grows up being very sexual open". Perhaps everyone of your circles: night clubs and tourist destinations. Sorry, your allure was so very stereotypical at some parts. You do not know about the real Brazil, the one without make-up and the label "come to see us!". How people really are, there are millions of people there in very different regions. It is not that I am judging your lifestyle, you could be writing something really bad and low level about your "Brazilian adventures". I just had to write that what you testify is not globally true. The worst thing here is that, based upon the comments, you are calling also the worst type of visitor to Brazil. Brazil has too much to deal right now and does not need this. Some "senior travellers" even say "but I do not recommend learning the language"... There is no advantage in the openess you cite as the front characteristic, leaving alone the fact that it is not true. "If Brazilian girls are so sexually open, why won't they have sex with you on the first date?". Be careful, if you make this question there you can have a really bad experience. Any real Brazilian, woman or man, could answer this: "it is just that what you heard is not accurate, dear not welcome tourist, it is not the way you thought. And those Gringos are really dumb, aren't they". It is not the truth because it is not true indeed.

Hugh G. Wrection's picture

Keep in mind the the nature of the website that this article is posted on.

I read this mostly as a general comparison between Brazilian women and North American women and not necessarily a complete description of what Brazilian women are like. The positive side was stressed here (which you object to) and not really the negative side. And Brazilian women surely have a negative side. Some stereotypes ring true. It's sheer fact that Brazilian society is far less puritanical than American society is. This is easily seen in almost every facet of Brazilian culture. And why the hell is this a bad thing anyway? For those who've spent some time in Brasil it's hard to argue with 80% of this article. The other 20% is just a matter of opinion and interpretation.

BTW, it's a myth that Brazilian women are not interested in SNLs or sex without strings - "ficantes". Some are not interested in a romantic relationship at all and only want sex from a guy. A lot already are in a relationship and fuck around behind their partner's back. In Sao Paulo there are more of these types than any one man is capable of dealing with.

Raquel 's picture

Gostei do seu artigo, principalmente da parte em que fala que somos "ciumentas" hahahaha isso é mais que verdade. Só deixando uma coisa clara, que as mulheres do Rio de Janeiro são um pouco diferente de outras culturas no Brasil.

Renata's picture

Dear Colt,

I am Brazilian and I was surprised reading your statements. Well this is 2014 and all the manual on how to get laid sounds a bit antediluvian.

But anyway, that is not my point. My point is, wherever you are a tourist (and you are not connected to any social circle and you are not staying long), women and men that are bent on cheating will have in you, the tourist, the perfect lover, whether you are going to Brazil, Spain, Sri Lanka. You just name it. So it happens in exactly the same way whenever a tourist visits USA... the same kind of men/women (although brought up in a puritanical society) will cheat his/her partner just as bad. It happens all the time. If you peruse sexual psychology reports you will realize that American women are not as "castrated" as you may think. And more than that, they are much more sexually open than Latin Americans in general. Not that I am proud of that. I think that everybody should be allowed to be satisfied in their needs as long as it is consensual. Latin Americans, unfortunately, are much less open to sex than Americans statistically.

By being a person that travels a lot to different continents and speak more than four languages fluently I realize that when you are a tourist you do not perceive social and cultural cues very well. That happens every time I visit Japan. The girls that you are talking about are probably not seen in Brazil in the best of lights, even if they are not poor or from favela or any such thing. And I want to stress also that they are not whores or something like that. But it is like dating the cheerleader prototype... What you described above is the Brazilian correspondent of the dumb Blond stereotype: jealous, obedient, pretty much acephalous, not able to speak another language properly. And that is why you received the angry letter above. You generalized far too much. There are many types of periguetes, just as many as there are of bimbos. Only the cues they give, you find them attractive and the lack of understanding of Portuguese cannot allow you to understand and evaluate the person you are getting laid with (and I fully understand that it is not the point either. The point is getting laid with a Brazilian. Period. Whoever that person might be though... which is kind of odd... more like a fetish...). On the other hand, you are far more cognizant of this kind of woman and do not find them not so enticing in US... This is a typical lost in translation example. In US you find them Madonna like. In Brazil you find them charming... go figure...
All the best,
P.S. And yes, you are right in many points: it is not so difficult to get together with Brazilian bimbos as they love Disneyland (and I am not being sarcastic here), and going to Miami to buy clothes and purses, and they do not understand much about anything and are pretty happy this way. It is all about getting tanned, and going out to dance and having fun... But isn't it pretty much the same with dumb blondes anyway?
P.S. 2 And I agree that social skills are a very important thing.

krdler2's picture

I spent two weeks in Rio in 08. I enjoyed it all. I partied at meia petaca a lot. Visited quatro quatro a lot as well. American women can't touch it; enough said

Hugh G. Wrection's picture

I know what you mean. The more I visit Brazil the less attractive American women seem. It's become very difficult to find one that can get me really aroused. It usually doesn't take long before she will do or say something that will completely turn me off. Just the other day I was on a date with a 7 who thought she was a 10. I got up and left after 40 min or so. Had zero interest in playing her bullshit games. It's been too damn long since I've been in Brasil.

Quatro por quatro puts any strip club in the US to shame. They're all clip joints in my eyes. Even the upscale ones like Scores and Spearmint Rhino are shitty by comparison.

Anonymous's picture

Colt Williams for president!!!!!!!

Sarah's picture

Não acredito que eu li isso hahahaha boa matéria, mas não é assim que eles vão conseguir transar com uma brasileira. Pelo menos, não será sempre que terá sucesso, apesar de serem boas dicas, eu provavelmente cairia na sua. Ou não, você nunca irá saber. Beijinhos.

Basil's picture

I was in Brazil for the 2014 World cup and can authoritatively confirm of the correctness of the article on Brazilian girls and their sexuality. The authors assessment is a clear reflection of my experience in the country. Brazilian girls are the most beautiful babes I have ever seen. Their sexual orientation is out of this world. I got all the groove I could muster. The only set back was my in ability to speak Portuguese. Which I'm learning seriouly now because I missed some lovely opportunities with some babes due to language barriers. It will never happen again.
Olympics 2016 in Brazil is a must. I will surely be back with BANG.

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